Notice for Participants in the...

The following notice is hereby made for all participating teams to know:1. Contest time: October 31-November 12. Venue: Conference Room 5,...

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APSCO Microsatellite Contest f...

APSCO Microsatellite Contest finalist shortlist is attached below. A total of 24 works in this contest have entered the finals. Congratula...

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Dear colleagues:The milestones of APSCO Microsatellite Contest is as follows, the submit deadline is Oct.10th, 2019. Please register and s...

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Welcome to Join Us

Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization Microsatellite Contest (APSCO Microsatellite Contest) is held by Asia-Pacific Space Cooperatio...

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1. University students throughout the world.

2. Researchers from research institutes or enterprises.

3. Individuals or groups interested in Astronautics.

Content of the contest

The theme of this contest is “Using space peacefully, exploring the vast universe, realizing the common dream of mankind.” The contents of the contest are listed below:

1.Overall scheme design of microsatellite platform

Design the overall scheme of microsatellite platform, targeting at the modularized, standardized microsatellite, which is mainly represented by CubeSat.

2.Component design of microsatellite

Mainly targeting at CubeSat standardized component design, such as flywheel, magnetic torquer, sun sensor, power system, etc.

3.Mission of microsatellite design

Explore the concept and design of various space mission that microsatellites can carry out.

4. Load design of microsatellite

Based on the structure of CubeSat, carry out standardized science and application load design.

Requirements for Competition Works


1. Both individuals and groups are entitled to sign up for the contest.

2. The website for registering, participating and submission of work for all participants:

3. Works can include reports, files, videos, objects and so on. The reports should be in English or Chinese.

4. Please follow the hyperlink “ENTRANCE” to login and upload all of your works following the instructions given on the screen. Your report is recommended to be in Word or PDF copy.

5. You can get the report template follow the hyperlink “DOWNLOAD”.

6. Each team in the final contest is required to prepare a PPT within 20mins, used for project presentation. The presentation should be in English only. You can also bring your prototype or videos for presentation.



The contest will set prizes including the first prize, the second prize, and the third prize.

There will be a free launch opportunity for the best team ranked the first prize.



    Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO)


    APSCO-NPU Development Base for Aerospace Talent
    School of Astronautics, Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU)
    National Joint Engineering Laboratory for Micro- Satellite Technology and Application (NELM)
    "Belt and Road" Aerospace Innovation Alliance (BRAIA)